East Meets West

Zhongxian Wu and Michael Teeters

Qin and Guitar

This is a jam recorded sometime after midnight on a hot summer night in 2003. You can hear the crickets, our breath, fingers and souls. This was only our second jam having met days earlier. I had just tuned my guitar to Wu's Qin when we hit record.

The Qin is an ancient stringed zither. It has 7 strings, one for each element and one for earth and one for heaven. I tuned to the lower six strings of my guitar to the Qin.

A bit of a bummer I have misplaced the master from the NQA Conference meditation a few days later where we did a jam / meditation for the sat. night activities. I hope it re-surfaces now that someone gets to hear this jam.

This jam starts out pretty rough but gets better as it goes. I'm totally just sounding it our here... There's a bit of silence on the begining of the file so give it a chance, enjoy.