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Welcome to Arrow of Moonlight, featuring the photography & life journey of

Michael Teeters.

All of the images on this site are available as prints from 5"x7", 8"x12"and 12"x17".

All prints are available with or without the text lettering that you see on this site.

To order prints or ask questions contact Mike.
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Framed Price

Solid Hardwood

Frame Price

8" x 10"
11" x 14"
16" x 20"

"Print Only" you will receive the print unmounted and unmatted and you will need to matte and frame the print at a shop or by yourself.

"Matted prints" are mounted to 3/16" acid free foam core with beveled cuts. They are carefully packaged & covered in plastic.

"Framed prints" are available. They include the print with double beveled matting, and either a very attractive laminated frame or custom made hardwood.

Custom framing & matting is available made per order and must be paid for in advance. They are hand made by master woodworker, David Teeters in Middletown, Ohio. There are several options from very nice looking laminated wood to gorgeous hand made hardwood frames. All framed pictures come with UV coated glass and acid free matting.

I'm located in Asheville, North Carolina and all prints are hand made here by myself with a great deal of care. Sales to outside of North Carolina do not require tax.

Shipping is about 10%-15% of the cost of the item and will be sent Fed-Ex ground when possible.

All sales are final. If you are unhappy with a particual item I will trade it for another if you pay the shipping both ways and the item comes back in good shape.

Main Gallery

About the Images.....

All the images we just taken along the way of life. I love to spend my life "outdoors" (like we're supposed to be indoors!) and often carry a camera. All these photographs were taken with Nikon 35mm cameras and various lenses and Fuji Velvia slide film. I can't tell you what the f-stop was or the shutter speed or any of that, I'm just in the moment when I take photographs. I do know how all that works & apply it in the moment. This is art, one of my arts. I do love to see them projected on the big screen and have struggled a long time to get them to prints because I like to see them so big! After a great deal of work the prints do justice to these images. All images are Copyrighted and may not be used without permission.

About the Print Process...

All these slides have been scanned with Microtek and Nikon 35mm scanners. Extreme care (read lots & lots of time) has been taken to make the scans stand up to the slides. All of the images have been tweeked and adjusted in Adobe Photoshop. Most of the tweeking is just making the digital version as good as the slide but I'm not afraid to be creative either, it's all part of the art. Creativity is the driving force.

All prints are made with an Epson 2200 printer with Archival inks & very high quality paper. The prints that I make now with this setup far exceed what I had done at professional print labs because I'm right there the entire way, driving the outcome to my satisfaction!!!