Full Moon over Lhasa, Tibet
We got up before dawn to go to the Jokhang Temple to meditate. (This is the main Buddhist temple in Lhasa) We were both sitting on the ground surrounded by pilgrims, smoke & incense. Deep in meditation, we felt the chanting that was circling us. A very old woman was doing a shamanic blessing for us. She circled us pounding her feet in dance and chanting, channeling a deep tribal blessing. She went on and on, wrapping powerful forces around us from heaven & earth & the ethereal planes. Her chant and dance was the most powerful ceremony i have ever heard or felt. It was heart felt and so very present & so deeeeply woven. She went on for about 15 minutes, we gave her hugs & kisses and some yuan & went away silently, deeply moved. Tamara & I stopped in the middle of the square & hugged one another in tears - we felt so very blessed & loved. I can still hear her, she sounded so much like a native american.

Ill be back here, soon as possible......though i never left.